[Slowhand] Best Buy

David McGee keytohwy at mac.com
Wed Dec 17 12:31:11 EST 2008

My first real job was in a record store. It was only natural, as all
through high school, I'd skip school and do the record store circuit.
There were about 4 stores I'd hit, and this is where I first starting
buying EC bootlegs. Here in the SF bay area, we still have some good
ones (Amoeba among the best), but it is a dying breed. My son was
just about 4 weeks old when Tower announced it was closing. So we
packed up and spent some time wandering the aisles, so I could say he
shopped at Tower "back in the day". I, too, and bummed about the
demise of it all, but know this...I was in a Best Buy recently and
they are selling vinyl!!! Couldn't believe it. It was a handful of
releases, but I imagine that if those succeed, they'll add more. It
was nice to see.

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