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Dave McAffee davemcaffee at hotmail.com
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I understand the claim with Pilgrim because of all the digital sound effects and instrumentation but what about he claims fro Back Home, Reptile and Riding With the King. I have read reviews going back 15 years that Claptons albums are too perfect, sterile and overly produced. Protools always gets blamed. Are they claiming that Protools is being used to correct or create solos. Clatptons says thats like haveing fake boobs. Or do they just thick that the albums are boring and they don't have any other way to express it that to say it is too perfect. This also seems like the old analog vs digital debate where analog is warm and digital is cold sterile sound. Where anything with Protools is bad and anything recorded analog is bad.

I would like to also know what else they are claiming is being done to the recording in Protools aside from recording the tracks. Are there functions are plugins they claim they hear such as compression. Do they hear digital effects from these tools? I don't have any kind of great sound system so maybe I can't hear it. I really don't know. It seams like a cop out for a reviewer to just say it is over produced and not explain why.

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That's easy - see Pilgrim: some truly lovely material made fu*king bland by
fu*king with it too f*cking much ("sometimes only a cuss word will do" CraigF)



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