[StBernard] HB 3922 - Flood Insurance Buy-in Program

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Oct 30 20:54:17 EST 2005

Below is the text of the email I have sent to everyone listed in my prior

It takes a little extra effort, but I would also suggest that you send each
person an email individually and change the salutation to match their name.


Dear Sir,

I'm writing to you to urge your organization to support to passage of House
Bill 3922, the Flood Insurance Buy-in Program, available at:

Introduced by Rep. Gene Taylor, this bill would allow residents who had home
owners insurance, but not flood insurance, to retroactively purchase flood
insurance that would cover the period of the hurricane.

Passage of this bill would allow many of your mortgagees to receive the
funds they need remain in their homes, thus saving the default of thousands
of loans within the affected areas.

This bill is currently sitting with House Committee on Financial Services
awaiting further action. Your help, through the Mortgage Bankers Association
and MORPAC, to help push this bill through would be greatly appreciated.

Personally, I have been in contact with almost 600 residents of my community
who are also anxious to see this bill passed as quickly as possible.

It would be a shame to have home owners allow their homes to be foreclosed
because this bill was stalled in committee.

Westley Annis
210 N. 12th Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301

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