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I am experiencing much the same with with the issue of the "demand letter".
However,as it was explained to me, a demand letter is a legal procedure that
occurs before foreclosure. Receiving such a letter has certain implications
most of us would not want. So the problem is with the SMA making demands
for "demand letters" (excuse the pun). The SBA must accept some alternative
explanation for what has happened to insurance money and I am sure mortage
companies and banks would willingly comply. Ron

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I am struggling with the SBA and the demand letter from the Morg. Co and
everything else everyone is going through also. I was told that if sent
info to the SBA regarding the uncertainty of rebuilding in my area or if it
was going to be months, years, etc. before a decision would be made on
rebuilding that it would be most helpful in my case. I faxed them the
Parish Assessment report showing that my home is 60-100% (also a picture of
my wonderful home crumbling down) and just need some sort of "time frame"
from someone in the St. Bernard Government. I was told that Craig Tafarro
would be the quickest person to get an answer from but I called and the
phone just rings, and rings.....could not find an email address and was
wondering if you could help. I am on St. Marie in the back of Lexington.
My house is 3rd from the corner of Florida (and the 40 arpent). Is there
any way that C raig can give me a time frame on possible decisions of
rebuilding/repairing or is there something other than what I have found on
the website, that I could print and fax to SBA? I know there are no answers
at this time, NOT looking for an answer, just an estimate of when they
expect they may have an answer. I would need it in black and white for the
SBA. They just need to know that we cannot rebuild for at least several
months or more, if ever....thank you.

Missing St. Bernard Terribly,

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