[StBernard] thoughts about St. Bernard Parish

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 14:36:44 EST 2006

Jer, I admire your eloquence and agree; send your prolific writing for
publication; I have tried many times, but like any other writer, you have to
keep trying. This situation calls for the squeakiest wheel getting the
grease. We hear you bro! Keep it up! As Nelsen Algren said, "Go through life
kicking and screaming". Mudpie

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"..I wish we could get someone to play footage of the water...and
the boat
rescues...and footage of St. Bernard Parish looking as if a bomb has
off in every neighborhood....footage of lines of people trying to
trailers, food, and supplies...people...still...fighting for
money...Money that is rightfully ours but we will probably have to
go to
court just to settle our policies.....would they get it then...again
invitation stands...come and see for themselves....then
maybe they will get it! JUST ABOUT 5months...67,000
residents....only 500
trailers in our town of ST. BERNARD..concerned citizen"

**Concerned, like yourself, I can't imagine a slower death coming
from a
fatalistic disease. It's the equivilency of slow-growthed cancer,
from the inside where there's nothing one can do to stop the
ailment. The
emotions contribute to the misery in such a way that if hope springs
somehow, will become the miracle we all need to get by. Things do
not seem
to be moving quickly enough to avoid the depressed state so many are

experiencing and one-step-at-a-time procedures only tend to make
worse as our eyes will tear and our hearts will break at each waking

When a made-4-TV movie or Hollywood epic appears called "Katrina-The

Hurricane Like No Other" (or a facimile there of), I wonder how it
will be
told? Will they beef it up with people tearing each other up in long
for food, trailers, etc.? Will local politicians themselves be
target for
ridicule before millions as culprits and bumpling idiots on
roof-tops wet
and rescued by helicopters?

How will our parish's story be told? (or well they once again, show
the army
only recovering the Superdome/Convention Center Crowd to promote
favorite agenda. One-sided to ethnocentricity of its own choosing?


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