[StBernard] SBA loans -- why are some getting more than others?

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 15:46:29 EST 2006

Nancy, I have never heard of a relocation loan. What happened to your house
in St. Bernard then? Did you have full coverage to be able to walk away and
buy a new one? We want to relocate but can't because we have to pay off our
existing mortgage first. Thanks, Mudpie

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If that is your payoff amount then that makes sense, but if it is
not, such
as in our case, we have to have our loan re-evaluated, in order to
pay off
the mortgage; its a double hassle which I won't even go into, all I
can tell
you is in the least, we've been reassigned to 3 lawyers and finally
was told
she would assign is a loan officer; hello! Its not like we're asking
public aid, but we are being treated that way. I might as well be
living in
Mexico and enjoying margaritas by the ocean.

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