[StBernard] Residents Can Now Sign Up For Both Debris Removal and Demolition

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Tue Jan 24 15:49:53 EST 2006

Residents Can Now Sign Up For Both Debris Removal and Demolition

January 23 , 2006

By: Steve Cannizaro


Reversal of position allows St. Bernard residents to sign up for both free
removal of storm debris in homes and free home demolition; Our Lady of
Prompt Succor School to reopen but no date given

In a reversal of position by federal authorities, St. Bernard Parish
residents will not be restricted to choosing between signing up for free
removal of storm debris from their home or free demolition of the home.

Instead, they can register for both, in case they find they want the home
demolished, Council member Craig Taffaro Jr. said.

Previously, St. Bernard officials were led to believe that if someone wanted
their home cleaned of storm debris that would be their only bite at the
apple and they couldn't come back afterward and decide they then wanted the
structure demolished.
Volunteers from various agencies have been arriving in St. Bernard the last
two weeks and last week the free program of having debris removed started in
residences. Because FEMA has agreed to house and feed volunteers St. Bernard
officials believed FEMA wouldn't also reimburse the parish for later
demolition of a home that had already been cleaned of debris such as
mildewed walls and ceilings.

But Taffaro said, "FEMA has stated a new position and residents can sign up
for one and then sign up for demolition if need be.''

More than 2,500 people have registered for the free debris removal, open to
all St. Bernard residents, who can sign up for the program on the
second-floor of the Parish Government building, 8201 West Judge Perez Drive,
or by going to the parish government website at www.sbpg.net .
The program is starting off small to iron out the kinks but eventually, as
many as 2,000 volunteers may arrive over a period of weeks to help St.
Bernard residents, according to David Dysart, who heads the hurricane
recovery effort for parish government.

"This may be the largest volunteer residential debris removal program ever
in America,'' said Dysart, who encourages all citizens to take advantage of
the offer.

About 700 people have registered for demolition of their homes, which can
also be done on the second-floor of the Parish Government building or on the

Residents who want to register for both debris removal and demolition must
sign two separate forms.


The Archdiocese of New Orleans has said a Catholic school, Our Lady of
Prompt Succor in Chalmette, will reopen for classes, but hasn't released a
date. The school, which will be open to kids from any other school in
grades kindergarten through 8, will be called Our Lady of Prompt Succor
Central Catholic School.

Officials expect 100 or so students to attend at the beginning. Cleanup
efforts continue at the school and teachers are now being hired.

The archdiocese said it expects to soon announce a date for the reopening.

St. Bernard Parish had four Catholic elementary schools and one Catholic
high school before Hurricane Katrina flooded the parish.

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