[StBernard] Gutting

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 24 22:26:08 EST 2006

The exact number is $26,400...however if you are receiving rental assistance
they may hold some funds back to continue your assistance...if you rented
they just gave 10,000 block grants in general for personal property...hope
this helps..



Thanks, Syl, Lm is right. The $5,200, & the $10,000 from FEMA was a
grant. I lost everything, and I mean everything, I lived in the 900 block of
Mehle, on the Rally's side, &the inspector saw the water lines, at the top
of my front door, and took pictures as well. If he max is $26,000, I wonder
why I did not get that much. Are you sure about the $26,000? Does anyone
know? As for gutting my house, is the bucket brigade the only program that I
could sign my house up for?? It's almost impossible to come & clean up even
as a crew volunteering, I'm staying with my brother in PierrePart until I
get a FEMA trailer, or my daughter finishes out the school year, whichever
comes first. As soon as I get the trailer, I have every intention of
volunteering to help others, after I make sure my house is taken care of. I
lost my car, so, I have no way of traveling almost 2 hours a day right now.


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