[StBernard] LRA Executive Director's Statement Regarding the Baker Bill

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Tue Jan 24 22:27:02 EST 2006

How much insult to injury can we endure?


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Statement from LRA Executive Director Andy Kopplin

Regarding Cong. Richard Baker's Legislation

"I learned from Chairman Don Powell that the Bush Administration
does not
support HR 4100, Cong. Richard Baker's bill to create the La.

"Hurricanes Katrina and Rita left Louisiana with housing challenges
that are
unimaginable. According to estimates from Chairman Powell's office,
hurricanes destroyed over 200,000 housing units in Louisiana. But
rebuilding challenges don't stop there. In addition to having three
the housing units destroyed of any other state, we estimate
sustained 10 times more businesses destroyed than any other state
and had
about 85 percent of the total property and infrastructure damage
from the
two hurricanes.

"Congressman Baker's bill would help us get these destroyed houses
back into
commerce and prevent them from being stranded in neighborhoods of
blight and
ruin. It would also allow Louisiana to use some of its limited CDBG
allotment to address critical infrastructure and economic
development needs
as well as housing, which Governor Blanco has identified as her top
priority. "

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