[StBernard] Extreme Makover in St. Bernard Aired Thursday

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sun Apr 9 01:15:42 EDT 2006

"I was very disappointed with this show, have been anticipating it for a
week dying to see St. Bernard and once again we received what 5 minutes to
New Orleans's 55 minutes. Will we ever count? --Sue"

**Yes, I agree, Sue. A mockery, to say the least. Although we're part of the
same damaged "family" of Southeast Louisiana victims, it's hard to ignore
the video fact showing a New Orleans church getting hundreds of thousands of
help, with ties to Gentilly whild Polly Boudreaux of St. Bernard had her few
photographs retouched. Where's the equality here, not simply because of
race, but of help (if not only for sympathetic coverage) of some generous
nature? (not to say that because most of the help went to one race, but it
was blatant. I suppose if St. Bernard received 90% of the attention, got
hundreds of thousands to redo a church, school or personal property AND the
lower ninth ward received photo retouching, a march would have been planned
in May. <smile>.

Anyhow, for the 15 minutes of fame, I can thank them for it. I only hope
that the next big Makeover, or newsgathering special which airs in the
future will be kinder to our battered, but resilent community.


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