[StBernard] Ex-FEMA chief Brown may be hired by ravaged parish

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Apr 11 19:29:50 EDT 2006

I wouldn't be surprised. The man must have something going for him to have
glommed on coat-tails thus far. Mudpie

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The federal government tried to make Brownie a scapegoat for the
Katrina catastrophe.

Brownie produced documents showing that he requisitioned lifeboats
supplies pre Katrina and a video tape showing that he warned the
that this storm would be the one that we all feared.

After the devastation, when Landrieu was flying over New Orleans,
was in the parish with our elected government.

When all is said and done, if he can bring home the bacon and not
cost us
pork, why not hire him as a consultant?

To this date, no one else has stepped up and offered to help
traverse the
myriad of rules and regulations that keep hindering our parish's

If there was someone better that is offering to help, we wouldn't
need him.

But, If he is the Parish's only option, why not at least investigate
he will be an asset or not? As long as there is no cost, why not
find out
what he can bring to the table?

Never turn down help until he can prove or disprove himself as an

I'm not saying that I am for or against him, only that he should
prove his
worth before the parish tells him that we do or don't need him.

Kent A. Diaz

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