[StBernard] Georges expected to bolt into Independent status

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Sep 3 20:14:09 EDT 2007


As Robby has said a couple of times, I think you drank too much Jindal
kool-aid. The reason Boasso, myself, and now Georges have left the
Republican party is because it has become hostage to people who feel as if
they, having never been elected by the people, know what is best for the

Roger Villere is the single reason people are leaving the state party. If
he would have simply followed the party's own rules and by-laws, you would
not have seen Boasso or Georges leave.

Unfortunately, it looks to me as though Villere has made some kind of devil
compact between himself, Jindal, and the state press to crown Jindal the
next governor without so much as an election.

One word of advice, don't believe all polls, and for this race, don't
believe any poll by Bernie Pinsonet of Southern Media and Opinion Research.
He is too biased to be believed.



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"A new John Georges campaign poll shows the Republican businessman will
improve his standing among voters if he switches to an Independent

***Whoa, This seems to be quite a trend this year: "If you can't win
outright as your party beliefs, just be a switch-hitter and hope for the
best." ;) What' wrong with following your party's platform, its ideology, or

Even millionaires are seeking "truth" within themselves these days. "Which
way shall I go, --no, not this way, I'll try another scheme!" ;)

If one's philosophical perspectives, his goals to achieve, or some plan of
action is yet to be met, isn't it better to follow the heart and stick with
your political beliefs? why wait to change in mid-stream while running an
election campaign? One had a political affiliation while a liberal or
conservative and seemed quite adapt and satisfied under its umbrella of
faithfulness to the party. How is it that one cannot steer the ship into a
good port by being faithful to his party's affiliation?

It's happened to Boasso, perhaps to Georges and of course, Mr. Kennedy (for
treasurer) recently. These changes only tend to confuse the voters of LA.
Changing one's mind at a whim only serves to increase speculation,
exacerbates recovery and ..because the populace's confusion will worsen as
to "who is this man this month"? or "what was wrong with my party that he
jumped ship" feelings which will negate one's trustfulness in that

If a man or woman cannot sense his or her heart's set of ideals for a
governor, nor trust the governor's mission or performance, then it's not the
candidate who will switch parties, but the voter per se.

I say, "Let god decide who will be best governor in this matter." If that
person is not fit to remain governor, the Lord has a way of removing any
evil, misuse of office or otherwise with the simple "ballot box" (or march
to the capital)<G>


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