[StBernard] Sheriff's Race and Parish Protection!?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Sep 18 21:57:02 EDT 2007

"I do feel unsafe on the streets of St. Bernard. There is no one around in

the deserted neighborhoods except the contruction workers that I do not know

and many of them speaking a language I do not understand so that is very

un-nerving when you are a female and there is a group of foreign men

speaking and looking at you and you do not understand what they are saying.

**Laurie, I am sympathetic to your fears. On a personal note, my little
cousin was robbed at gunpoint, abducted to use his debit card at gunpoint at
an ATM, stolen his cell phone and wallet, etc. (unfortunately he wasn't
killed by his attackers!, God spared him. The event took place this past
weekend at the Shell service station at Paris Rd/Judge Perez, he's

The attackers were not a foreign language expert as described in your very
well-presented post, but "African-Americans" who don't speak the same
language as the Parish Sheriff (and ultimately don't fear what he can/will
or did do to stop this crime.

This is not the only crime committed in the parish and I fear for my close
friends and families who are in peril having to deal with this very serious
problem these days. I fear that if something isn't done soon or with the
next sheriff, lots of folks will find refuge in safer quarters elsewhere or
turn to vigilantes to protect themselves and loved ones.


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