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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 10 22:00:00 EDT 2007

"When we invaded Iraq, a country NOT responsible for 9/11 we became the
aggressors, making us no better than Hussein....and if I remember correctly,
wasn't Clinton bashed for wanting to stop genocide and oppression in Somlia
which is pretty much the argument for invading Iraq once no WMD's were
found? --WH."

Jeez, WH: We're NO better than Hussein. That's not only sickening, it's
disgraceful to place this country in line with one of the greatest
atrocities-producing dictators of all time *(under Adolf Hitler). Anyone who
thinks this way should reassemble their thought processes. I'd go to war
anytime under my President Bush than be on Hussian's Republican army
desolating and committing genocide to his own people. If President Bush
decides to go killing a million Americans, I'd agree with your viewpoint.
Until he does, shame!!

No wonder America is deteriorating at such a rapid pace with these sort of
comments and beliefs.

BTW, ask all the other dictators of the world if the now obsolete Mr.
Houssain is/was their buddy-in-arms vs. America. Under our constitution, you
have a right to free speech. However, if one were within 50-200 yrs. before,
hanging would be the choice of execution for traitors, deserters and spies.
America as a result had LESS traitors, less deserters and less spies.

Remember no one in his right mind loves conflict, war and death. "In the
course of Human Events it becomes necessary ..." Then America must do what
it must to preserve peace as a super power leader of the free world which is
currently free because someone had the scrotu%s to do something about the
threat to freedom everywhere. We're in a global environment now and never
will return back to micro-world issues. It will not happen.

Pax Americas


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