[StBernard] Jindal could face a conflict between vote in DC and gov's debate

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Oct 19 22:54:09 EDT 2007

He did and we all know ONE had to suffer unless he can defy the laws of
physics by being in two places at once. He cannot vote in DC and be at a
forum on Thurs. night. See the dilemma faced by the liberal mentality? If he
goes to Washington for the important vote, he's criticized by the Evil Axis
3 of failing to do his job in Washington.

If he appears in Washington, he's "dodging the forum" and is "chicken" to be
on the panel to get gang-banged by 3-1 tally.

This in itself is childish, unprofessional, self-serving and conniving to
say the least. The Evil Axis 3 know they're fighting a losing battle and
pull-out all stops when it comes to corrupted politics. THAT is why I am now
throwing my vote in the ring for Mr. Jindal as Governor of the Great State
of Louisiana.

Sorry folks, I cannot beyond my wildest imagination envision Walter as
Governor knowing his connivance, greed to power and unprofessional approach
to bad-ethics. And, if that's not enough the other bull-dogs (specifically
mr. Georges is about a sour as can be) such as Mr. Campbell won't be worth
mentioning. At this point, it's Mr. Jindal at 52%, Mr. Boasso at 25%, Mr.
Georges at 18% and Mr. Campbell at 5%.

Congratulations, Mr. Jindal.


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