[StBernard] exposure of St. Ber, waste problems in today's news !

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sat Nov 8 23:27:49 EST 2008

To whomever: Can you provide an address we can submit written comments to:

PLEASE make every effort to attend or submit written comments for
the SDT
Waste Permit Public Hearing Tuesday November 18, 2008 11am.

Written comments will be accepted and entered into the public
hearing record
for five (5) working days after the hearing.

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Please pass along

To all concerned St. Bernard citizens who participated in the public
about this disgusting and unsettling play of events that have been
contaminating our precious land resources, and creating serious
hazards in St. Bernard

Kudos to all who had the tenacity and determination to report the
conditions, especially to those who helped investigate and research
matters, becoming bold and persistent until authorities beyond local
government had to take action.

Our citizenry was successful thus far in containing the threat of a
stop casino in Eastern St. Bernard, and now citizens parish-wide
brought this waste matter out from undercover.

THANK YOU to WWL-TV and of Chris Kirkham of the Times Picayune for
effort and courage of their investigative reporting. We are
ecstatic about
their support for our citizen's issues..

Now, we MUST NOT BECOME COMPLACENT. Do know that our voices can
count, if
we but exercise the strength, determination, wisdom, courage, and
collective force as a people to not accept blind self-intentioned
leadership, and be supportive of those whose
intentions are for the good of
all concerned. Especially for the citizens they serve...we, the
voters and
taxpayers of St. Bernard.

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