[StBernard] At least I didn't vote for him

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 21 07:22:00 EDT 2009

And as for as David Axelrod goes, while our political ideologies have always
differed, I always respected his PR skills. Clearly, the "Kool-Aid Virus"
has taken over his brain as well. Any, and I mean "ANY" decent PR advisor
would never go after a news agency for doing its job. If Axelrod was really
good at what he does, he would have told Emanuel and Obama to not even talk
about Fox.

Besides breaking an unwritten taboo, what he and the White House are doing
will only increase Fox's viewership and credibility. It's a no-win
situation for the White House. I can't believe Axelrod is a party to this.

But, maybe he realizes Obama will be out in 2012, so by kissing up to the
assess at CNN, MSNBC and the like, he figures that increases the chances of
them giving him his own show.

Either way, Alexrod has destroyed his credibility.

- John

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Imagine if for one moment George W. Bush ever said he would never appear on
CNN because they were too liberal?

How can a sitting President get away with saying he will never appear on Fox
News Channel because they are a "wing of the Republican Party"?

Actually, I'm trying to figure out how this is even a threat, since to the
best of my knowledge, Obama has never been on any Fox News talk show to
begin with.



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