[StBernard] Wayne Landry

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Sat Aug 13 12:46:32 EDT 2011

When was it he ran for state senate? I'll be honest, don't even know
because I barely/rarely paid attention to those elections; it was always the
same-ole, same-ole who were running for the state senate and reps.

>he takes advantage of low population in St. Bernard to run parish council.

How did he take advantage? I mean, surely he's as qualified as Auderer to
the council-at-large-west, reduced population or not.

>On the council, he steamrolls his way to take over the rebuilding of the


That he may have done, but I don't think the hospital would be as far along
as it is now had he not been on the HSD Board.

>Now, with no experience in law enforcement, he wants to be sheriff?

How many of them ever have had such experience? Stephens? Rowley? I think
McDougal was a deputy or something wasn't he?

>He's running an unethical campaign.

How so?

>I don't know that Pohlmann is better

I would say not because of the obvious ties/support of the MF honchos.
Because of the Provident mess we've found out a lot about our *leaders* in
the parish and their so-called concerns for the citizens of the parish.
IMO, it's certainly not the Stephens', the Torres', Randazzos or any of the
like, and Pohlmann is associated with them. Then too, there's that thing
with helping his son get reduced charges on the morphine bust. Didn't sit
too well with me.

I try to look at candidates running for office with as much of an unbiased
eye as possible and then try to make the most informed decision I can, but
hey: I voted for Carter over Ford!


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