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Great Post!

Where do I find info on the Silver Dollar City seminar
in 2005?  Is it 
and the same as the Ozark Mountain Woodcarvers

Mary is still working on the list.  She sent out the
invites a couple of months ago.  From what I heard the
last time I was at SDC (last weekend). Almost all of
those invited are returning.  The brochure is supposed
to be out in October.  The website will have them
listed the day she sends them out.  The newsletter is
located at http://www.ozarkmtnwoodcarvers.com/ and she
keeps the members uptodate on the seminar status.


--- Sylda <sylda at kansas.net> wrote:

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> Dear New Friends,
> This is my first round of emails from Woodcarvers.
> I'm Sylda Nichols; I live
> in Leonardville, KS (pop. 700-800).  Actually we
> live 4 miles out of town.
> We have horses, dogs, & cats on 16 acres.  My
> husband, Tom, and I are both
> retired.  We have a 2nd house on our property which
> allows us to travel in
> our Motorhome while the renters care for things in
> our absence.  We belong
> to the Kaw Valley Woodcarvers Club out of Topeka, KS
> and the Mid-America
> Woodcarvers out of Omaha, NE.  We have been carving
> & woodburning about 4
> years.  The Topeka Club has a seminar at Baldwin, KS
> every June that we
> attend and we've attended Doane Experience in Crete,
> NE twice.  The talk of
> a seminar in VT sounds so interesting -- we've never
> been in that part of
> the country.
> Muzz, you said sitting around kitchen tables &
> campfires are "no more".
> Come join Rver's, retired or not, we do a lot of
> sitting around -- carving,
> woodburning, swapping patterns, yarns, etc. -- lots
> of fun.  Join Rver's
> anywhere. 
> Please, excuse this newcomers ignorance -- What
> state is the Ozark Mountain
> Woodcarvers located in?  (Missouri or Arkansas?)
> Where do I find info on the Silver Dollar City
> seminar in 2005?  Is it one
> and the same as the Ozark Mountain Woodcarvers
> seminar?
> Thank you, Mr. Chips & Gene, on the info on the
> Diamond Willow wood.  A man
> in our Escapee Campground in AZ had walking sticks
> of (if I'm remembering
> right) Colorado Diamond Willow, so I've seen that
> Diamond Willow and thought
> it was great -- I'd like to see Canada/Alaska
> Willow.
> Maybe I'll see this answer to you, Bob, (who didn't
> have luck with relief
> carving).  When I decided to Relief Carve the
> book,"Let's Carve Wooden
> Plaques" by Harold L. & Elaine Enlow was recommended
> to me.  I spent most of
> a winter carving everything in the book and several
> different applications
> of it.  It simplified relief carving for me.  I'm
> now doing much more
> complicated ones, but since they aren't finished I
> can't speak of the
> results yet; however, the fun in working on them is
> priceless, as well, as
> the enjoyment of working with and under the
> instruction of friends.
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