Markdown successfully installed, not parsing

Shaun Inman markdown at
Sun Mar 14 10:30:23 EST 2004

Hi guys, I recently added Markdown to my MT installation. Markdown and
Markdown with SmartyPants appear in my list of text-formatting options so
it appears the install was successful. I have selected "Markdown with
SmartyPants" from that list but the code resulting from <$MTEntryBody$>
only appears to have been parsed by SmartyPants and not Markdown. Am I
missing an attribute in my <$MTEntryBody$> that tells Markdown to run?

Here's some potentially relevant information about my installation:
Moveable Type: 2.64
Perl: 5.6.1
SmartyPants: 1.5.1
Markdown: 1.02b

My apologies if this is not an appropriate use of this mailing list.


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