Markdown successfully installed, not parsing

John Gruber gruber at
Sun Mar 14 11:03:02 EST 2004

Shaun Inman <markdown at> wrote on 03/14/04 at 8:30a:

> Hi guys, I recently added Markdown to my MT installation. Markdown and
> Markdown with SmartyPants appear in my list of text-formatting options so
> it appears the install was successful.

Right -- that *should* mean that you're all set.

> I have selected "Markdown with SmartyPants" from that list but the
> code resulting from <$MTEntryBody$> only appears to have been parsed
> by SmartyPants and not Markdown. Am I missing an attribute in my
> <$MTEntryBody$> that tells Markdown to run?

No, there's nothing else you should need to do. Just (1) install;
(2) choose Markdown or (Markdown With SmartyPants) from the Text
Formatting menu.

What happens if you just choose "Markdown" from the Text Formatting

Have you ever used any other text formatting plug-ins, e.g.
MT-Textile? Did they work?

Do you have any other MT plug-ins installed that might be doing
something to your article text?

> Here's some potentially relevant information about my installation:
> Moveable Type: 2.64
> Perl: 5.6.1
> SmartyPants: 1.5.1
> Markdown: 1.02b

That ought to work, but I must admit:

1.  All three of my MT installations -- one production, two
    testbeds -- are running MT 2.661. But I don't think there's any
    reason Markdown shouldn't work all the way back to at least MT

    Question to the list: Is anyone using Markdown under MT 2.64?

2.  All my MT installations are running under Perl 5.8.x. 
    However, I have tested Markdown via the command-line interface
    back to Perl 5.6.1, and it works just fine.

> My apologies if this is not an appropriate use of this mailing list.

No, this is totally appropriate. If this isn't something we can
solve quickly, you and I can take the discussion off-list.


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