Getting around div tags

John Gruber gruber at
Thu Mar 18 22:32:07 EST 2004

Chris Purcell <cjp39 at> wrote on 03/18/04 at 10:56a:

> Alternatively, you could insist that only if text between tags is 
> indented will it be treated as raw HTML:
> <div class="mainarticle">
>      This is <em>really</em> not worth publishing.
> </div>
> <div class="sidebar">
> **Did you know?** President Lincoln had a beard.
> </div>
> Or that the first tag of inline HTML cannot be followed by a blank line 
> (since whitespace is irrelevant in HTML anyway):

Same thing here -- I'm loathe to start adding arbitrary new
whitespace rules to support a feature that I'm not sure is all that
necessary. I think more people would run into a problem with these
rules by accident than there would be people who actually put them
to use.


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