Install issues

Arthur Lugtigheid arthur at
Tue Mar 23 14:57:12 EST 2004

Hi Jason, John,

First of all, thanks for the feedback.

The server (FreeBSD 4.9) is in fact defaulting to perl 5.005 as you 
thought it did. On FreeBSD systems - or so it seems - the default perl 
is still 5.005 and if you want a newer version, you have to install it 
through the packages. I have changed the shebang to the correct path to 
perl 5.8, but that f**ked up my install real good, so I changed it back 
to the original and sent an e-mail to my sysadmin, who is on a holiday 
at the moment..

I hope he can solve this, 'cause I've had the problem before with other 
plugins and I was always convinced we were running perl 5.6+

Thanks again!


Arthur Lugtigheid

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