Ordered list syntax.

Daniel Axelrod markdown at danonline.net
Fri Mar 26 20:35:10 EST 2004

On Friday, March 26, 2004, at 01:56  PM, Lou Quillio wrote: (completely 
snipped, sliced, and diced for my own quoting convenience)
> Also, you might want to quote (cite) a single item from an ordered 
> list in other material.
OK, this just convinced me of the need for one-item ordered lists. You 
should be able to paste in part of a Markdown-formated ordered list and 
have it work correctly.

> Also, you might have an ordered list that pauses and resumes within a 
> series of non-list paragraphs.  It'd be a list in human semantics, but 
> the MD syntax (and transformed XHTML markup) would have to handle it 
> as a series of single-item lists.
Actually, how would this work in HTML? Would you need to use CSS to 
make the numbers come out correctly? And are there any cases this would 
happen in which the non-list paragraphs couldn't actually be part of 
the list items?

> (3) the XHTML transformation programmatics of both will overlap by 
> about 90%, so ... (4) single-item ordered lists will be a by-product 
> of any reasonable list-handling solution.  As a practical matter it'd 
> be harder to exclude them than include them.
While this may be true, I'm not sure if syntax decisions should be made 
on the basis of implementation details. Then again, that's all up to 
John Gruber.

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