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there is another markdown implementation (besides knock-off) you can directly use from Scala (although it is currently implemented in Java):

pegdown comes with quite a large number of test-cases assembled from various sources.
You might want to take a look and reuse what you seem fit:

I would be interested in the performance of your Scala implementation (which I assume is based on the parser combinators).
Ryan Tomayko did some very basic benchmarking almost three years ago:
which is the only one markdown benchmarking information I could find when I looked around a while ago.

Currently pegdown clocks in somewhere between RDiscount and Maruku in terms of performance.
Could you give your implementation a spin?


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On 15.12.2010, at 21:41, Christoph Henkelmann wrote:

> Hi,


> I have written my own implementation of markdown in Scala. I only later

> realized there is already one

> ( <> ), but I put quite some

> work into mine and I think it is never bad to have alternatives, so I

> wanted to release it anyway. I want to use the same BSD License as the

> original markdown, but before I put it out into the wild I wanted to ask

> you guys a few questions:


> 1. I wanted to call the project "scala-markdown" (not very imaginative,

> I know). However, I need John's permission to use the name "Markdown", I

> think. Is he reading this list or can you get me in contact with him? Is

> it OK to use that name? If not, I will of course come up with something

> different.


> 2. I have built a "Web Dingus" so my implementation can be previewed in

> a browser. Again, is it a problem to call it "Scala-Markdown Web

> Dingus"? I have also copied the cheat sheet that the PHP Markdown Dingus

> and John's original Dingus display and wanted to ask if it is OK to

> include that in my site. Otherwise I could write a new cheat sheet, but

> it feels kinda redundant…


> 3. What is the current "official" test suite? I found one here:

> <>, however that one is

> GPL Licensed so I cannot include it in my project if I want to release

> it under the BSD license. What is the best BSD-licensed test-suite I

> could use?


> @John Gruber: if you are reading this, I can provide you with an URL to

> look at my implementation (source and web dingus). I did not make the

> URL public yet, I first wanted to get approval for the naming issues.


> Looking forward to your replies!


> Thanks,


> Chris


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