my scala markdown implementation

Christoph Henkelmann christoph-markdown at
Thu Dec 16 18:51:13 EST 2010


> there is another markdown implementation (besides knock-off) you can directly use from Scala (although it is currently implemented in Java):


Yup, found that one, too (after I was done ;)

The official Markdown page listed only PHP Markdown as another
implementation so I did not look for one that runs on the Java VM. But
you are of course right, you can easily use a JAVA lib in Scala, it even
works the other way around, only you can get some really ugly mangled
class names when using Scala classes in JAVA.

> pegdown comes with quite a large number of test-cases assembled from various sources.

> You might want to take a look and reuse what you seem fit:

Good idea. Mmmh - pegdown is apache 2.0 licensed, so I should be able to
mix those tests in.

> I would be interested in the performance of your Scala implementation

I will try and create a project that depends on all three
implementations and runs the tests and benchmarks on all of them. Then
we would have a comparison of the JAVA VM based Markdown parsers.

> (which I assume is based on the parser combinators).

That's correct. I bet knockoff is as well.

> Currently pegdown clocks in somewhere between RDiscount and Maruku in terms of performance.

> Could you give your implementation a spin?

I will definitely do that, might be a few days 'till I get around to
doing that, though.



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