let's get this established, one way or the other, once and for all

Bowerbird at aol.com Bowerbird at aol.com
Sun Dec 4 21:41:53 EST 2011

seumas, my post wasn't directed at you as an individual.
and it's not a matter of anyone "winning" or "resigning".

it's a simple question as to what the subscribers here
want to hear. i didn't denigrate _your_ choice, so i'm
not sure why you hurl charges like "rambling soliloquy",
especially when it's so easy to ignore a piece of e-mail.

whether something "will be incorporated into markdown"
is up to the developers who're making markdown happen.

at any rate, i suggest you stick around and see how the vote
turns out. i don't think it's necessary that either of us leave.

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