easiest markdown to PDF conversion

David Sanson dsanson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 11:57:22 EST 2012

I worry that my previous post may have made it sound like using pandoc for
this was complicated. The only complications arise from trying to avoid
using the command line (while not using a full-blown text editor like
TextMate). Other than that, the steps (on a Mac) are:

1. Install BasicTeX (69 MB, one click install)
2. Install pandoc (7 MB, one click install)
3. From the command line, `pandoc example.md -o example.pdf`

That will get you a nice plain-vanilla LaTeX formatted PDF. If you don't
know anything about LaTeX, and want more control over the formatting,

4. From the command line, `pandoc example.md -o example.docx` or `pandoc
example.md -o example.odt`

Then use a word processor to tweak the formatting, before printing to PDF.

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