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   my interest in following this discussion, now that i see you here, just went from observer, to tracker,   maybe even participant.
   i'm an emacs orgmode user.  are you?    i've used pandoc to convert *.org to *.md (and some back again).   my criteria for using either:   OrgMode for stuff not needing curating when i'm gone, Markdown for text I'd hope that others will maintain.   in this latter category, i've collected the text from my sister's genealogy work on Ancestry and am re-purposing it to live on McGowans.Org
   Here's a tally by suffix of the files in this legacy:

  1 m4
 65 md
 58 mkd
341 org
  1 src
 66 txt

where the mkd (certainly) and the txt (likely) are Markdown, with src and m4 each having a spot.   so, it's  Orgmode 341,  Markdown 191.
   any advice here?

=*+*-  Marty McGowan  908 230-3739

p.s. bill and i had a live session yesterday about keybase, where i'm applemcg.
On Tue, Jul 18, 2017, at 11:01, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> It seems to me that the first thing to handle is coming up with a means> for identifying the version/variant/dialect/fork of "markdown" that a> file is coded in.
> I have been thinking that a variant of #! Would do it, but that's not> quite what that is used for (since it confuses format and the application> that is expected to process it).  (I am looking at #? Myself, but don't> have a clear proposal at
> I still think something like that is called for.  Have a way of
> identifying the format of the text and, ideally, leading to where the> rules and definition can be found.  Have it in a form that can be
> ignored, and still be forgiving when there is no such information and a> consuming software does the best that can be figured out.
>  - Dennis
> PS: I am looking at #? myself, for leading format specifying line(s).> Don't have a clear description so far, but there's more thinking at
> <>.  I will be using this for> some different formats that I want to introduce (having little or nothing> to do with markdown).
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> >     First thanks for the great mailing list service. Since I'm just> > talking to myself here this will be my last post on markdown list
> > (never say never ;-) Anyways, they never come back, don't they?
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> >     If you follow along there are different ways to "fix" markdown:> >
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