[Slowhand] Re: Offers on the SD - Lulu Wins

Sol Fischler solron at optonline.net
Tue Aug 17 23:18:41 EDT 2004

Almighty --

I followed your recommendations re:CD-to-cassette-etc-etc-TAO,  and as
usual,  it worked like a charm.  Thanks again!

I'm just about ready to re-offer it to the list.

I've got one last question,  though,  regarding DVD reproduction --

I've gotten as far as this:

I've got a DVD of EC with the Dominos in 1970 -- I was told it was either
Cincinnati or Philadelphia -- no matter.

I played it back on my daughter's 13" TV.  I shot it on tape -- I don't have
a DV,  so I used my VHS.  I think it looks just as good.  Unfortunately,
it's black & white,  but I'll colorize it later.  :-)

So I had it on VHS,  and  I had to go analog-to-digital and back to analog,
though,  to get rid of something that looked like distortion.  Luckily,
most of it went away.  I digitized it as a quicktime movie onto my computer,
but it's an older computer and my hard drive isn't that big,  so I found a
compression rate that would make it fit on the drive,  about 12 or 15:1.
I had to do it four different steps,  but I cut them all together and they
looked fine.

So far,  so good.

The sound had been stereo,  but the VHS camera is mono,  so I duplicated the
track and put it on both tracks,  delayed a little,  so it sounds like
"real" stereo.  The sync drifted a little,  so I put in very small edits to
keep re-syncing it.  At one point I got ahead of myself,  and actually had
to add something rather than edit something out,  so I found a couple of
notes and they sound perfect  ( Tom Dowd would be REAL proud...)

Anyway,  it's all on the computer now,  and pretty much in sync ( the
picture is a little fuzzy now,  so I don't theink anyone will notice...)

I had to do another conversion because I'm working on a Mac,  but my friend
with the burner is on a PC,  so we bumped it down to some sort of MPEG file
( he explained it but I really didn't understand the process...)

I got a couple of Valu-Fine DVD blanks (25 blanks for $5 -- a great deal,
right?)  and started burning,  and took the resulting DVD back to my Mac,
and I have one question:

How come all I hear is Wonderful Tonight,  over & over?

Thanks --

-- Sol

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