[Slowhand] OT: Great Mick Taylor boot

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at comcast.net
Wed Feb 1 21:38:05 EST 2006

I don't know if this is new or not, but it just hit my radar screen a couple
of weeks ago, and my mailbox yesterday. It's a 3 CD set called "Tumbling
Dice" and features 3 gigs from a 1992 tour that Mick did with Nicky Hopkins
and Bobby Keys, billed as a sort of Rolling Stones' alumni tour. Three
nights in three Florida nightclubs. It's advertised as soundboard bit it's
not. That said it's one of the best audience tapes I've ever heard. Other
than the vocals and the audience talk, you couldn't tell that it's not
soundboard. Mick's in great form and Bobby and Nicky - well, they're Bobby
and Nicky, two of the greatest sidemen and studio session guys ever to grace
a rock album. Very bluesy set list with a great instrumental version of "Can
You Hear Me Knockin' ", "Hideaway", "Soul Serenade" (the King Curtis
classic), plus "Five Long Years", and "You Got To Move". And, to my great
pleasure, Nicky's "Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder" on which Mick plays a
beautiful counterpoint. Highly recommended.

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