[Slowhand] Re: SOYL on Vault Radio

DeltaNick deltanick at comcast.net
Wed Feb 15 23:23:59 EST 2006

>> This version of Sunshine of Your Love seems to be from Alameda County Colisseum October 4th 1968. This recording is widely available on bootlegs. <<

One of the bootlegs that I don't own.

>> A great performance, but it in my opinion it's nowhere near to their best performances of SOYL. White Room, Deserted Cities of the Heart and Politician on Live Cream vol 2 were recorded at this same gig. I think Clapton has done many better versions of SOYL on his solo tours, but then I'm usually totally wrong about this on this digest as I tend to love his current music, too. <<

I just really like the guitar style on SOYL. He doesn't (can't?) play that way any more. It's not the best guitar solo I've ever heard, but it's such an "alive," creative style, both very modern and traditional at the same time, and very unique. And nobody else ever played like that: nobody. Most, but not all, of the guitar he plays nowadays seems mere noodling in comparison, but this is just my opinion.

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