[Slowhand] More thoughts on AG's site & his fate

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 16 08:41:43 EST 2006

Hi again,

Don't get me wrong - I have mixed emotions about any effort to preserve AG's site. On the one hand, it is his intellectual property. But preserving the scans of album covers may be acceptable - or at least less wrong. Here's my logic:

1) There is something deliciously twisted about AG's site. For those who like bootlegs, there is information, track lists, ratings and comments. But those who dislike bootlegs can appreciate the fact that his site helps people rip off the bootleggers! If one has a copy of a show, he or she can complete the package by downloading the album cover from AG's site. Sweet!

2) Anything one places on a website is subject to be downloaded by others and used in various ways. Never was this more apparent to me than when my "Fun Facts About Steve" page (located at http://www.slowhand.net/steve.htm ) was produced in a deposition. But I digress...

3) Many of the scans of albums were provided to Mark by others.

As I recall, someone on the Digest suggested AG was in prison in jest as an explanation of his disappearance. Certain mutual friends report that AG is alive and well, although none have seen him with their own eyes.
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