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Thu Mar 30 12:35:39 EST 2006

Hi Nick - I don't claim to be an expert on this subject, but - When I viewed MartinS's Dylan documentary last year, I saw/heard Dylan on stage, and I think that the venue was MSG. There was very audible booing from the audience, and the band reacted to it. The band was not booed off the stage that I could see, but I'll bet they didn't come out for a long encore! Otherwise, your points about Hendrix's guitar expertise and style are consistent with my opinion (for whatever that's worth), for I've have never been a big fan of Jimie's style in general or burning a perfectly good guitar. He had some great songs to his credit, and I like to think that he would have matured into a great artist over time. Similar to SRV, Jimi died way too soon. So much music; so little time...
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>DNick wrote: "...Bob Dylan was booed off stage when he went electric at the >Newport Folk Festival, in July 1965. I've heard the recordings: it simply didn't >happen. There was NO booing.

>Furthermore, Al Kooper, who was Dylan's organist at the performance, wrote the >same in his biography, 'Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards.' "

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