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I agree with this view wholeheartedly. The last EC show we attended was at the SJ Arena in 04. Following the program, Betsy remarked that she heard an obnoxious (inebriated female) twit ranting about how bad the show was and how Eric ought to hang-it-up. This after the rousing versions of "Got to Get Better in a Little While" and (the best version ever of) "Sheriff." That program was the best one I had seen since the NBTB tour. Of course, THAT tour had plenty of criticism as well if you will recall. That said, I guess it is confirmed that you can't please everyone; so, you've got to please yourself!
If I had just one request, it would be that Eric mix-it-up a bit and have different set-lists, and especially so when he plays more than one night at a given venue. Last time around, we saw two shows, and they were essentially identical. For the Pilgrim tour, we saw him in Sacto for the identical program that he performed in San Jose except that he did most of the former with a cherry-red Gibson. Sweet, subtle variance. The Oakland show came a couple of months later, without the orchestra but essentially the same setlist! In this area, it is my (humble) opinion that our man could do better.
>Be realistic, if it werent for these 3 songs, he would

>be on the nightclub or corndog circuit or better yet,

>3rd of the bill on a BB King Blues Fest playing a 45

>min set of stuff no one cares about while people are

>still wandering in. That is if he didn't abandon the

>music business for something more profitible like auto

>mechanic. At least 4 constant standards are played

>toward the end so you don't like it you can beat

>traffic and hit the sack early.

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