[Slowhand] Re: Classic Albums - Disraeli Gears DVD

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Thu May 11 08:00:13 EDT 2006

>Another way is that Ahmet Ertegun accurately predicted the future. Jack's
and Giner's record sales since Cream and Blind Faith split have been a drop

>in the bucket compared to Clapton's.


Ahmet may have accurately predicted the future as far as the cash-cow is
concerned, but as far as describing how things were with Cream at the time,
he was as far off-base as he was when he described Sunshine Of Your Love as
"psychedelic hogwash". That song became Atlantic's biggest selling single.

"Jack's and Ginger's record sales" ? DeltaNick, you're surely not going to
try and tell me that you honestly equate musical worth to records sold?

Top selling albums for the following years:

1990 - Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation
1991 - Mariah Carey
1993 - Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard
1997 - The Spice Girls
1998 - Soundtrack to Titanic

Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs didn't chart when released in the U.K.

Cream were three very talented guys. They weren't 'The Eric Clapton Band'.

What does Ahmet know? In 1967 he pleaded with Cream to record the old
chestnut "Blue Moon". Give me a break. Clapton did sample it in Sunshine
just to shut him up.


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