[Slowhand] Blind Faith: Hyde Park 1969

Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson at arivia.co.za
Fri May 12 08:08:43 EDT 2006

I received mine (PAL format) by post yesterday. While there are no
visible signs of scratching or damage, the disc refuses to load in my
DVD player. Seems it loads at Chapter 6 (the copyright warning) and goes
into an endless loop somewhere between second 0 and 1. I did eventually
get it to play by pressing stop and moving forward. However, I could
only then view the concert, the rest just hangs and the menu is
inaccessible. But, lo and behold, it works fine on my PC. Anyone else
experience this, before I replace?

Reviews: Well, I got the Blind Faith DVD the same day as Cream's Classic
Albums - Disraeli Gears DVD, which was a thorough surprise and joy with
bonus material running about as long as the documentary. I also received
the Otis Rush Live in Montreux 1986 DVD in the same parcel, which is a
mixed bag of Eric having stage fright at certain points and opening up
on his Ferrari Red Strat at other points - his guitar is also slightly
low in the mix. Besides the hassles in getting the Blind Faith DVD
running, it too is a mixed bag - the sound is clear, when compared to
Cream's Farewell Concert a few months prior, but the performance,
especially by Eric is extremely subdued. I doubt he was even this laid
back in the second half of the 70s. I think "Do What You Like" is
shortened. The sound conks out after Stevie's organ solo and sounds like
an audience recording for a while and then suddenly Ginger is into his
drum solo.

Considering Eric's comments on the Cream DVD that they were influenced
by the Byrds and Lovin' Spoonful, I wonder if Blind Faith were not
influenced by Donovan, who was one of the support acts at the Hyde Park
1969 show. If he played that type of sublime airy-fairy licks (and on a
Telecaster) at a show today, I wonder what the reviews would be like.


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