[Slowhand] Birmingham last night

Simon George simon.george5 at ntlworld.com
Fri May 12 08:18:45 EDT 2006

Just a couple of random thoughts, excellent show, some songs in there I never thought I'd hear live like 'motherless children' and 'gtgbialw', also 'every body ought to make a change'. I love both Badge and White Room, but hardly noticed they were missing due to the vastly different setlist from the norm. I would've preferred a little less from DT and a little more from EC, especially on 'Layla', although it was nice to have a more 'Original' sounding version, they could've extended it out to give EC a bigger solo at the end. Also would've like to hear 'little wing' and 'key you the highway'.
I admit before the rumblings on the list began, I'd never heard of Trucks, on the strength of this, I shall investigate more.
Band member introductions were notable by they're absence, only acknowledgments after big solos.
I noticed DT's guitar body seemed to have autographs on it, anybody know anything about this?
The programme has a misprint, shows 'the Rainbow Concert' as being released in 1963. At £12 a pop, they could afford a proof reader I'm sure.
The backing singers could've made an effort, Katie and Tessa would never have taken to the stage in jeans!
Over all though a fantastic gig, I cant wait to get a closer look in the RAH next week
Even my wife, an ardent EC hater, (or so she says) admitted she really enjoyed the gig, due to it being more 'funky' than usual, praise indeed!!
Feel free to comment on my comments,

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