[Slowhand] Does EC play on Jerry Lee Lewis' "London Sessions" LP from 1973? No

DeltaNick deltanick at comcast.net
Thu May 18 05:58:37 EDT 2006

>> Universal's mail order/collector's label Hip-O-Select has released an expanded version of J.L. Lewis' "London Sessions" album from 1973. http://www.hip-oselect.com/catalogue_jerrylee.asp The website blurb states that Eric Clapton appears on the album, but none of the various Clapton books I've read (by Mark Roberty, et al) mention any E.C. connection to this album. Has anybody here bought this limited edition set? Is Clapton mentioned specifically in the liner notes? <<


Clapton does NOT appear on the album, nor is he mentioned in the liner notes.

However, I really enjoy the album. It's pretty good.

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