[Slowhand] EC RAH May 25

ToeKneeF slowhandnj at comcast.net
Sat Jun 3 13:26:06 EDT 2006

I have been listening non-stop to this show since John seeded it on DAD.
I must admit to being extremely envious of anyone who had a chance to
see Eric and band at the RAH. If the rest of the shows were as good as
Thursday's show, they surely received a major musical treat. I can't
wait till they play MSG in September. I have to voice one note of
discord, however. Why Tim Carmon?? When he last toured with EC I found
him gimmicky, now I find him extremely annoying and feel he detracts
from the otherwise fine musicianship of this band. Since Billy is unable
to perform, how about Alan Clark or, dare I dream, Steve Winwood!!

"As long as there are women on this earth who men love,
there will always be the blues.".......John Lee Hooker

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