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Mon Jun 5 09:25:36 EDT 2006

ToeKneeF wrote:

I have been listening non-stop to this show since John seeded it on DAD.

I must admit to being extremely envious of anyone who had a chance to
see Eric and band at the RAH. If the rest of the shows were as good as
Thursday's show, they surely received a major musical treat.

I agree. We were at the show on the 25th and enjoyed it greatly. I have
listened to some of the recording that is out there and it sounds even
better. We were in one of the boxes on the right side of the stage, about
even with the front of the stage. Although sight lines were great,
listening to the recording, we missed out on a lot of the subtlety of the
performance. I was immediately taken with the nice work from Derek in the
"Pretending" intro and have been picking up more bits that I missed
entirely at the show. From where we were, Doyle's guitar was just a muddy
growl - less muddy on the recording. Background vocals and horns come
through much better as well.

BTW - did anyone else notice the drum tech working all night? Between
almost every song, he would swap out Steve Jordan's snare for an alternate
- looked to be at least two, maybe more drums in rotation. They were also
tuning during the show. The guy was on stage for the entire show, fiddling
with equipment on the drum set, etc. Hadn't seen that much effort for a
drum kit before.

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