[Slowhand] Boos in Shanghai

RMS1 Debby at Avalonrecords.com
Mon Jan 29 10:32:02 EST 2007

After reading this article, I can't help wondering if anyone has the
setlist from this concert. Obviously, the reviewer couldn't be bothered
to jot down the songs played. I find it hard to believe that the
setlist differered so greatly from all the other shows, including the
first leg of the US tour. It sounds like the Shanghai crowd are those
fair-weather, top 10 song only type fans, if they didn't recognize ANY
songs until "Wonderful Tonite"! And EC never yaks it up with the
audience; he plays guitar! That's what he & his band are there for; to
play great music! If you only feel entertained because the
musician(s)/singer(s) have chatted & joked, then you aren't really a
fan, in my humble opinion.

Fellow Claptomaniac,

Debby J.

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The show in Shanghai apparently was not well

received...It's interesting that one of the comments

was that there was 'too much' guitar playing.....



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