[Slowhand] EC Monday night AND Tuesday night

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 30 08:31:13 EST 2007

I'm just back from the second show in as many days.

Monday was unbeatable.

And then, tonight he betters Monday night.

Just fantastic.

I've been bitchin' about Eric not touring down here in the last 17 years for
quite a while.


It was worth the wait.

I've seen EC everytime he's come to Australia (sometimes twice during the
same tour)

I know he's good.

I've also seen just about everybody else who has toured down here since

And I'll just say something that seems obvious, but I need to say:

He is certainly on a different plane from every other artist I've ever seen.

Having just been exposed to him again ignites all these emotions and
thoughts that have lain dormant for quite some time.




I've just uploaded an "audience" (echh!) recording of the Monday show to
Dime if anyone is interested.


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