[Slowhand] Derek is not Duane

Jason Lynch jason461 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 14:43:24 EDT 2007

Well, for whatever reason, I'm just going to keep responding to this stuff.
First, I don't think anyone is saying that Derek is Duane. I certainly think
there was a time in his development when he sounded almost exactly like
Duane, but that's been quite a long time.

Is Duane a 100 times better than Derek? No. Now, you can like Duane more
than Derek, that's fine, but I don't think you can reasonably argue that one
is better than the other. I've had this argument with people a thousand
times, but there is a certain level that is obtained where you can't say who
is better. They're just different. This is how I approach the eternal
Clapton - Hendrix debate. They are both great. I prefer Clapton, but I'm not
going to claim he's better than Jimi, mostly because they both reached a
level where it's impossible to say, empirically, that one is better than the
other. Same with Derek and Duane.

I will say this though, you are oversimplifying the music of Derek's band. I
have, at various times, heard them play straight jazz, fusion jazz, Chicago
blues, delta blues, gospel, rock, R&B, and Indian classical music. Derek
certainly can play with a jazz style, but he doesn't always. At any rate,
he's delved into more styles than Duane did (not that Duane wouldn't have
gotten there). Also, during Duane's time, the Allman Brothers often WERE a
jazz fusion band on stage. Last, if you can really listen to the recordings
of Layla from the current tour and tell me you don't hear Duane's influence
in Derek, well, then I don't think there will ever be a meeting of the minds
on this one.


"Is it just me or are others sick of people comparing Derek Trucks with
Duane Allman. To my ears they do not sound at all alike, not even close.
Derek has a jazzy style and his band "The Derek Trucks Band" plays a jazz
fusion style not unlike the old Al Di Meola or John McLaughlin. Duane Allman
is about 100 times more talented then Derek Trucks. If you compare Duane
Allman at his death, 24 to Derek Trucks when he was 24 years you will see
what I mean. It is all the power of suggestion that people think this crap
that Derek Trucks is Duane Allman.

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