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I agree with most of what DN had to say as far as EC's guitar playing is
concerned on this tour. Anyone who can honestly say that ANY show from the
current tour showcased some of EC's best guitar work in years is delusional and
is simply being a homer. This is the first tour I can honestly say that.
Well, maybe 2001 as well.

For me, the best thing about the current tour was the Dominoes rich setlist
and the new rhythm section. Other than that EC deferred to DB and DT for
most of the guitar work and when EC did play a solo it was short, predictable
and uninspired IMO. I'll say this though, EC still has that unique tone, thank
God for that.

EC's guitar playing was WAY better on the 2004 tour. If you don't believe
me watch/listen to the solo in Sheriff at MSG. I haven't heard anything that
comes close to that on the current tour.

I don't expect EC to play with the same ferocity as he did in '94 but it
would be nice if he seemed more interested and inspired, heck, he rarely
acknowledges the crowd or introduces the whole band anymore.

As far as EC putting out new material that's relevant or has substance...I
don't really expect him to at this point. I don't see any of his
contemporaries from his era, including Keith, putting out any new relevant material

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