[Slowhand] Delta Nick mails em in

Paddy finglas at finglas.karoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 17 14:35:43 EDT 2007

So DN mails in his EC bashing for another tour.

This is my first experince of post tour attempts to demolish EC and its
really quite sad.

I have listened to ECs music since I was 10 way back in the day (1970) and I
think this tour has been fantastic.

I love the NBTB tour and all those versions of 5 Long Years/Double
Trouble/Groaning the Blues etc

I love the original Dominoes at the Fillmore

I could go on and on but I wont because its pointless.

EC has made some magnificent music and this current tour is some of his
best. Not for 10 minute solos but for beautifully crafted songs played by
top musicians who really listen to each other and dig what each other are

All band members have played a blinder particularly since the Dominoes songs
began to feature heavily.

Why cant we just accept that EC is what he is? If you dont like it go and
listen to someone else.

Roll on Crossroads II

Cant wait for DNs next demo job!

Keep on Keepin on!

Poor Willie Brown

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