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Tue Apr 17 15:01:44 EDT 2007

>>the comparisons to Barry Manilow, Michael

Bolton and Celion Dion are lame when repeated year
after year.<<<


I think you diminish your argument by comparing EC to these people. You make
many good and valid points, but there's no way, even railling against 'pop'
music, that Clapton can be compared to these people.

I've always found it fascinating when we argue about an artist 'selling out'
because in our capitalistic culture the highest good seems to be making the
most money. I think Clapton has tried, at some times more than others, to
make music that will sell- and the fact that after 40 years in the music
business he continues to sell pretty well is remarkable. But there is a certain
disappointment when someone of the technical skills that Clapton possesses takes
themselves 'down' to the level of pop music. But I find that when Clapton does
pop music, it's still better than what just about anyone else can do...
Jazz enthusiasts will wince to hear Clapton compared to Coltraine, or Monk,
or Miles or Dizzy...or the Yardbird. But the way he revolutionized guitar
playing does seem to make such comparisons valid...

It would be nice to see Eric do a guitar album again...or something along
the lines of From the Cradle.
I'd like that.



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