[Slowhand] Eric rants and raves continued

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I for one do not want another blues cover album. I would love to hear a
contemporary record like Buddy Guy just put out called "Bring 'Em Home". I
was listening to it for the first time in almost a year since I bought it on
my way to his show at the house of blues last nite in cleveland. It has a
mix of original blues tunes, slow songs, up tempo rockers, etc., and the
guitar was up front in the mix with magnificent soloing and rich vocals!

by the way, buddy's show blew away the detroit EC show i went to a couple
weeks ago. buddy came out resplendant in an electric blue satin jogging suit
with bowler hat. he came out swinging for the fences with a new plain
white/cream colored strat (no polka dots) and prowled the stage like a
tiger! the man is 8-10 years OLDER than EC for godsake. he has cut back on
his gimmicks and plays a lot more guitar now than he has the last 5 times i
have seen him.

i had seats in the balcony. buddy did his usual stroll through the crowd,
went behind the bar for a drink, etc. i went downstairs to get an upclose
view. he proceeded to follow me up the steps to the balcony, and sat down in
the seat in the row in front of me, and soloed for a bit! he totally
reworked and performed an understated "hoochie coochie man", did a couple BB
King covers, his EC/Hendrix impersonations, new songs, story-telling, the
works. now that's what i call entertainment! he played about 80 minutes, but
odd though that he didnt do an encore? i paid forty bucks for my ticket and
felt like i was stealing from him....


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> If Eric did another From the Cradle what do you think it would sound

> like?


> In my opinion it would sound just like a repeat of From the Cradle. or Me

> and Mr. Johnson

> He is not going to re-invent the wheel...his blues playing is what it is.

> I happen to love it but more covers of Blues tunes would get a kind of

> redundant.


> FTC and the accompanying tour had Lee Dixon trotting out endless varieties

> of guitars which certainly helped to provide lots of nice tonal changes

> but in the end it was still Eric's fingers and there really aren't any new

> "blues" licks coming.


> There is a fascinating interview in Vintage Guitar magazine Feb 2007 issue

> interviewing Eric and JJ together which details almost every track on

> Escondido.

> Interestingly on Don't Cry Sister Eric actually did all the guitars and

> taught himself the JJ Cale parts, the harmonizing lines and overdubs.

> That's probably one of the coolest things on the record to me and shows

> that if Eric wants to learn something new he can.


> JJ also mentions how he plays After Midnight different almost every night

> to change things up and Eric counters that he likes to keep the

> arrangements the same and just let the solos vary.


> Eric also mentioned about playing in a trio again with Cream "If I were

> to do it again, I'd learn to play in a way that wasn't so manic.There must

> be better ways to do the trio thing"


> JJ says that Eric was sitting on his porch playing licks that he has never

> ever heard Eric play. When JJ said Eric should record that, Eric replied

> "there are somethings that should just go in the air"





> Scott



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