[Slowhand] Mayer

Michael Sawin msawin at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 28 18:16:15 EDT 2007

Sam, I couldn't agree with you more. This minor player has got famous by
association. Just 'cos he hangs out with EC, doesn't mean he friggin' sounds
like him! Doyle,Derek I have great respect for (still not in the same
league, but good in different ways) but Mayer....
Even more sad,my son(and his friends) seem to like him-they think the
song-writing is good, even though he's a little lame. Strange, isn't it,
what appeals to the yoof of today.
To me, Mayer is the musical equivalent of Jessica Simpson. He is to guitar
playing what Mother Theresa is to Rock-climbing.
Keep on spreading the gospel about Mayer-eventually enough people will hear
and understand.

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