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Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 24 19:01:38 EST 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I was asking for advice regarding iPods, earphones and headphones to enhance the iPod experience. I thought that I would share some opinions and the things I've learned so far.

Santa brought me a 160gb Classic, but I had problems w/it and returned it for an 80gb model. I planned to load up only WAV formated music, but I experimented with the lossless Apple format called m4a, and I've found it to be pretty good. Still, I'm loading WAV for all my boots because that's how they are stored on my computer. I'll probably use m4a for some released cds. Regardless, it's never been my intention to load up everything I own on to my iPod. Given THAT assumption, the 80gb Classic affords all the space I need - I figure about 100 cds. I've loaded up a bunch of stuff, and I'm still only at 30%. Also, I "sync" manually allowing me to erase some of the stuff on my computer. Since I upload, download and erase often on my computer, I defrag my harddrive regularly to keep the free space contiguous and more than 50% free as a rule.

I bought Bose in-earphones and on-phones. Both Frys and BB have them in their retail stores, but they can't sell the noise-canceling models, which I was told are only sold by Bose. It was not an issue for me since I don't travel much anymore. The noise-concealing feature was not a priority for me - it adds about $100 to the price. The on-ear Bose phones are very comfortable and, surprising for me, was that I judged their bass response superior to the over-the-ear Bose phones model - quicker bass response. In comparison, I judged the "cans" to be slightly more boomy-sounding. The price was $180. Two weeks have past since I bought them, and I'm still pleased.

The Bose in-ear phones (buds) have been for me an even bigger surprise. I like them more and more and consider the $100 price worthwhile. The bud itself fits cradled in the outer ear pocket and not in the ear canal. Silicone ear-tips are provided in three sizes for a better fit to the inner ear canal. The typical, standard ear buds, like the ones that come with the iPod, hurt after a short time and often fall out. The Bose, are comfortable and stay put. The sound quality I judge very nearly as good as the on-ear phones. Silicon - brilliant and not just for boobs anymore! :-)

Okay. That's it. That's all I know so far. It's not gospel. They're just my opinions and my experiences, and I hope that it might be useful to you...

(BTW. I'm in the market for new speakers for my reference-system. I am considering changing out my Cambridge powered subwoofers w/something with quicker response. Also, I've been a fan of vintage JBL speakers from the early 70s, which would go well with my HK amps. Any opinions in this regard can go to me privately. We're a rather large group w/immense aggregate experience to share).

Mel Boss
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